Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sister Paulette –

When you live overseas you meet people that you would never have imagined knowing…If you told me I would be fast friends with a nun from the Philippines, I never would have believed you.

Today we said good-bye to Sister Paulette. Last night a few of us took her out for a nice meal in town. Sister Paulette was terribly embarrassed just to accept the invitation but I know her well enough to know she was terrifically delighted with the prospect. Her “yes” to the idea was almost inaudible. She enjoyed her meal and the attention, I think.

Nuns have always held a certain mystery to me. They still do. But I have found that sister Paulette loves to giggle and laugh. She has to do her laundry like everyone else. And she is so gracious and others oriented. She makes a refreshing friend. Her kindness to everyone is delightful.

She left today for a week-long retreat at the Carmelite brothers near town and will board a bus for Arusha next Thursday. I hope to see her again either in Arusha or in Nairobi.

I made sure to get her cell phone number.

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