Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Ironic

I finally came back to my blog only to declare that “Winter is Over” and then what happens? We get socked in again. Last week had me out shoveling a few times. (Tonight's forecast is for another 6-8 inches!) So far I have remained undaunted. I do not like the snow in April and I will comment about it like the rest of us. However, “winter is over” was a declaration of the end of my dark sadness of winter this year. That, I am thankful to say, has not returned. I do feel a little overwhelmed at my challenging circumstances right now, but I do not feel despair – I am grateful for that, as well.

I'm grateful for prayers to get through this job hunt and be working in something that is both fulfilling and lucrative. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Winter is Over

It's on odd day to write that headline since last night put a thin blanket of white on my yard again and it hasn't melted as of mid afternoon. It was a dark season for me. It's just as well I wasn't writing much. I have been keeping busy with school and that keeps my writing skills active. I don't think I have ever before experienced a sort of seasonal disorder. Things looked bleak this past winter like they haven't looked for me in a long time, maybe ever. Winter is over, though.

I felt a change in the week of Easter. I'm sure the significance of this holiday had something to do with it. But also the lighter days and eventually the warmer weather. Weather that tells me this is a light and momentary snow. Even with it, I am happy to know my taxes are done, thanks to BIG help from a long-suffering friend. I'm over the half-way mark to finish school.

What I am most excited about right now is helping a friend who is leaving for Addis Ababa next week to begin the ground work to set up a children's home. My friend Alemnesh is from Ethiopia, so in a way, she is going home – even though Minnesota has been her home for about 18 years. I am helping her with the communications side of things and in the process I hope to become more informed about the plight of orphans in Ethiopia and learn how to effectively share Alemnesh's vision with those interested.

These are exciting days. I'm making no promises, but I hope to be writing much more in the coming months.