Monday, March 17, 2008

Longing to be settled

If you think about it, I have been in transition since last September. I rented out my house and moved over to a friend’s. A month later I quit my job to work on support raising full time. From mid September to mid February I lived in three different places. Then I left the Twin Cities spent a few days in Nairobi before traveling first to Dar es Salaam and then to Morogoro. Here I have one small room and only what fits in my carry-on to live for the three months. (It was my choice to take so little so I could handle getting around easily.) I’m not even one third through the time here and it’s hard to think of this place as home in any way.

I enjoy the people I am meeting. But I really feel very restless. I wish I could really settle down, put down roots. I wish language school were over. But I need to endure this transition too. I have to do these things before I can settle. It seems so challenging right now. I am taxed by the weather and wish it were different. To my advantage I am extroverted and fairly resourceful, making the most of every opportunity. I have met some very kind people here and hopefully some friendships will endure beyond these months here. I’m not sitting in my little room pining for friends elsewhere. (At least not all the time.)

It’s a good reminder that this world is not our home. So one can never fully settle anywhere here. But I so enjoy a place from which I can entertain guests and let down or crash whenever I need to rejuvenate.


Jan said...

Don't feel too sorry for me since all of these transitions were of my own making.

Jan said...

If Kalar is someone I know please identify yourself. I will continue to remove mysterious comments until I know the person writing them.

Thank you for using good blog etiquette.