Monday, May 9, 2011

Kenyan Fast Food

I admit I have a weakness for ‘chips.’ Most likely they aren’t the kind that leapt to your mind. It’s the British word for French Fries. I don’t like Burger King fries that much. And I have to be really hard pressed to eat at a Mc Donald’s in the States. Neither of those chains are in Kenya. But chips here although a bit greasy are made fresh with real potatoes.

So as I was out running errands and deciding what to do about lunch I opted for chicken and bahjias* at Mc Fry’s. The always use fresh oil – so even if it’s not all that healthy, I figured, I’m not going to enjoy this kind of fast food much longer.

*Bahjias are a kind of fried potato snack made with Indian spices. Sometimes they are coated with garam flour that has the spices mixed into it. Usually they also have some dania thrown in – dania is what Americans call cilantro. (I think it’s funny that neither word is English.) Anyway, Mc Fry’s has just the spices and dania so they are a little better for me than the coated ones.

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