Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fuel Shortages in Nairobi

I hadn’t noticed that there were petrol (gas) shortages this week until Wednesday evening when some of my small group members mentioned it after our meeting. Guess I have been in my hermit hole trying to sort and pack so much so that I haven’t even been keeping up with the local news. It’s still not quite clear what happened. I suspect the problems in Libya don’t help but it appears that the Kenyan government is blaming oil marketers for either not being ready for our holiday last weekend (Monday was Labor Day in Kenya) or suppliers are creating a problem to enable price hikes.

I debated trying to eek by on my just over quarter tank of petrol but slowly realized nothing recovers quickly in this country. So I felt inclined to join the queues today. I carried my Bible and a good attitude and managed to get in and out of the third station (first two were out of fuel) in just under an hour. In addition to getting my daily Bible reading in, I had some amiable chats with the workers and other customers that were queuing.

Another memory created. I am going to miss this place.

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