Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Globe Shift

In Kenya often when you say you are "moving" you use the word "shift". I'm shifting to the other side of the globe. This is my last entry from this side of the world. I wish I wasn't going, but I have seen how gracious God has been in this "sudden" shift.
When I arrive I will be staying in the Missionary Apt at Bethlehem which probably has a landline. I will soon find out. But I will also have my old cell phone back. That number is: 612-462-2077. I'll be looking for fun things to do over Memorial Day Weekend as I try to stay awake during the days to beat jet lag.
I'm looking very forward to seeing many of you very soon! Tutaonana

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to spending some hours with just you, simply listening to your past time in Nairobi. I still have my same cell phone. Hope your flight, transfers, luggage and all went well! Murph