Sunday, June 27, 2010

Under the Weather

Hello Dear Readers,

I have been a little busy lately, which keeps me from blogging. But in addition, I am now battling a head cold and some sort of very debilitating stomach issue. It's all part of living in Nairobi. This too shall pass. My writing isn't lacking for topics, I think of many things to write about, most of them come to me while driving, so you can see it's a little hard to jot them when I think of them.

Maybe you are in a season of not getting a chance to read blogs very often, like I'm in a season of not writing very often. I hope that will change for both of us, but it may be another month before I can realistically say that life will have calmed down enough to be able to get the time to write.

If you have some burning question about my life here let me know and I'll consider the topic for a future entry. Who knows, I may be inspired sooner.

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