Friday, June 4, 2010

New Fines from the City of Nairobi

Evidentially Nairobi City Council is stepping up their basic urban law enforcements. Some of these laws are going to be really challenging to obey! We’ll see how it goes.

Please take note and be careful and spread this message to your brothers & sisters:

Pedestrians crossing the roads in Nairobi when traffic light is red – fine is Kshs. 10,000/=
Motorist moving on when the traffic light is red – fine Kshs 10,000/=
Pedestrians crossing the road while talking on their mobile phones – fine is Kshs. 500/=
Boarding/Alighting at non designated matatu stops - fine 10,000/=
Unfastened seat belt - fine 500/=
Worn out tyres - Fine Kshs 10,000/=
Double parking -Fine Kshs 20,000/=

Honestly, the least amount of fine (under $10) is for an unfastened seatbelt which might be the most fatal thing of all of these violations. Well, that and trying to cross a road while talking on a mobile phone.

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Jan said...

The info in italics came in a (passed along) email from a friend who works as a major newspaper in town.