Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New Place

I have been officially in since Monday morning. The house is enough arranged to be livable. The furniture is set in the living room, dining room, my bedroom and my new housemate’s room. But the office and guest rooms are not really ready. And the kitchen is functional, but not really set yet.

In Kenya, everyone has their own major appliances. You take them with you when you move. I brought my fridge and cooker (stove) from the other place, but the cooker doesn’t fit in the allotted space for the cooker. It’s hooked up but it’s sort of in the middle of the room. Everything works, but it’s hard to tell if the rest of the kitchen is in the ‘right’ place because I’m constantly walking around the cooker to get this or that. A small price to pay for being out of the flood zone. And eventually I will do something about it.

In the meantime it’s started raining again after about a week and a half of being dry. Last night my whole body tensed as the light rain turned to a rapid downpour. It took only a moment to remember that I was safe. But in the next moment I remembered the former tenants telling me that roof leaks sometimes when it rains hard with high winds. I ventured onto the clothes washing balcony to get a couple of buckets, just in case. Nothing came in.

I should be sleeping soundly, if only I could get to bed early enough. But there is always something to do around here.

I'll try to take and post some photos over the weekend.

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