Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Home

A few folks have asked for photos of the new place I'm in. It really looks a lot like the old place because it's all the same stuff in there. It's rearranged a little due to smaller rooms. But it doesn't look a lot different. Two views of the living room; above from the front door looking in, below up at the kitchen looking back. Dr Bruce D built the cool "wall buffet" that for himself and left it for me!
This will be an office space for us. And possible a spare guest room.
My bedroom has a small bathroom off it. And a back door to an outside balcony.
The back balcony out my room is essentially the laundry room. I am blessed to have a washing machine!


Josh Harper said...

Thanks for the pics!!

Jan said...

I see the office photo got deleted and some of the captions don't make sense. That's what I get for waiting until after 10:PM to post. Sorry for the errors.

Tina said...

It looks like Ikea has made it in Africa! Looks great! I pray you are well, Jan.