Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nairobi Weather - Setting You Straight

Let me set you straight about Nairobi weather. You would think that since the equator runs through Kenya the whole country would be hotter than heck. But it's not.

You see, we have some altitude in certain places here that really helps. Nairobi it one of those places. We are at almost 6,000 feet here. Of course, in the mountains it's much colder, especially at night. But this is cold enough for Kenyans in Nairobi. And since Nairobi is south of the equator, it's 'winter' here right now. But it's never colder than sweater weather, though your typical Nairobian would not agree with me on this. The night guards usually don a huge poly-fill parka.

The other really great thing about the weather is that it's fairly dry even in the hot season. We just don't have humidity here in Nairobi, especially since rain usually cools it down - when it comes. I won’t mention what the El Nino rains have done in terms of damage. (I’ll save that for another blog entry.)

Here’s a summary of our seasons:
December and January: warm
February: hot
Mid March–mid June: Longs Rains
July and August: cold
Late September –early November: Short Rains

For more accurate information, check out Wikipedia.

At least that is what they are supposed to be. There are many things that make life challenging here, the weather isn’t usually one of them.

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