Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Contented Ethiopian

Currently I’m typing up reports from our scholarship students about how their last semester went. It’s not uncommon to hear some tragic news in these reports that a student hasn’t mentioned before. The happy events usually come out quicker, over the phone or through another faculty member.

But the following comment from one of the Ethiopian students caught my attention in a good way. “Since I got the scholarship, I am living [a] wonderful life, praising the Lord. I haven’t any problem, I am too happy a man; eating well, sleeping well, studying hard. Just I am enjoying life with God.”

I’ve eaten at the cafeteria and slept at the Athi campus. Trust me, it’s no cushy life he’s talking about. That is contentment that hits me with conviction about my own life. I wish I could say something like this more often.

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