Friday, April 2, 2010


As I was preparing for some guests at my house, I was thinking about all the special considerations of water for consumption here. I was serving fresh veggies, tea, coffee and various other snacks.
Water going into the coffee maker has to be filtered because the coffee maker just heats, not boils the water.
Blanched vegetables need to be cooled in filtered water, not tap.
And fresh veggies that aren’t being blanched need to be ‘disinfected’ then rinsed in filtered water. Boiling water is sufficient for tea or any kind of drinking. But filtered is probably better. Doing both is a good idea when you are prone to tummy problems like I am. It’s a little complicated to keep all the pieces in mind.
It’s certainly not the same as just getting it all out of the tap.
And while all of this is necessary, it's not the same as Living Water.
Happy Good Friday.

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