Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kitengela Glass

I took a couple of our visiting faculty wives on a field trip to Kitengela Glass last Monday. We had a good time looking through all the weird stuff there. I have to admit, I love this kind of place. I could totally live in the funky organic surroundings I found myself in. A family started this company over 30 years ago in the sticks outside of Nairobi. I hadn’t been to see the beehive-shaped glass blowing house since the mid 90’s. So off we trekked.
This foot bridge was made of pipe and wire, decorated with glass beads.
This is the fanciest pit toilet I have ever seen.
In addition to blowing they make little hand made glass beads. Needless to say, I bought a few.
Blowing a vase, the next photo shows it almost finished. And it shows the hot fire it came from.

This guy turned out a beautiful platter. I hope to post more photos of this beautiful place. I've already got a few community development students interested in checking it out too.


SpringSnoopy said...

Beautiful! Love all your updates from Ethiopia, too!

Leslie said...

That is too cool!

But that footbridge is absolutely terrifying. Did you go across?

[stopping in from your link on SCL]