Thursday, April 22, 2010

What about it – Sugar

Okay, I admit getting the phone number, SIM card thing sounds complicated because it kind of foreign to Americans anyway. But what about picking up some sugar for the house?

Near the end of our time, I realized that our bananas were getting a little ripe. I asked the house helper if she wanted to use them to make banana bread. Sweet Dirby must have already been thinking about it. She informed me they were almost out of sugar. No problem, we’ll pick some up when we are running around today.

I asked the driver to stop and he informed me that you can’t get sugar just anywhere; you can only get it from shops that are sanctioned by the government to sell it.

What? Sugar is regulated. In the end, we stopped by our driver’s house for a cup a Joe (something you must do in Ethiopia) and his son went to get the sugar for us while we ran some other errands.

It wasn’t all that expensive. But the most he could get for a person was 2 kilos (about 4.5 lbs.) It wasn’t packaged, just weighed out into a black plastic carrier bag and knotted at the top.

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