Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Blackness" of the Blog - for a Week

In a way it’s a shame, my readership has become more consistent and since I started blogging on a more regular basis. (Not that you would know it from the comments section.)

The shame isn’t in the increased readership; it’s in the fact that I am going to be away from the internet for a whole week! It seems hard to imagine. My friend, Molly went black for a day to do her taxes. But a whole week? Let’s just chalk it up to being in Africa.

I’m going on vacation to meet some friends from Minneapolis in Addis Ababa. I may be able to get on to the net while I’m away, but I have no plans to at this point. I simply plan to have a really good time!

Sorry in advance for the ‘blackness’ of the blog. But I hope to have some great photos when we get back. We being my friend, Jane Kilonzo who is going with me on vacation. – An added treat.

Hope to see you around Thursday or Friday next week. God willing, I'll post some cool photos then.

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