Thursday, November 15, 2007

Twin Cities Green

That's the name of a new store in Uptown (24th and Hennepin) I stumbled into yesterday.

Turns out it's the second location for a store over on Ceder and 42nd called "ReGifts". The concept of both stores is to sell things that are made from at least 50% post customer materials. In addition to gift items the new store, "Twin Cities Green" has furniture and even a consultation corner for helping folks find resources if you are building or whatever you may want to live a little more lightly.

Both stores are owned by a young couple that wanted to do something tangible about their convictions. I think the husband, Ryan is an artist himself. But now he's managing a store instead of producing artwork. For no other reason than supporting the little guy living out a simple dream, shopping there is worth it if you are in the market for unique gifts.

Favorite find: 100% recycled toilet paper! Before you get grossed out: it's made from regular recycled paper. Ryan told me the main reason large toilet paper manufacturers don't use post consumer paper for toilet paper is because of the public response. Yet it would be a smart alternative to using new trees considering where it goes after we use it. These rolls are individually wrapped, have a very funny name and cost only 99 cents each. If nothing else they would make great gag gifts or funny stocking-stuffers this Christmas. And hey, you'd be living green.

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