Thursday, November 8, 2007

body and spirit

thoughts from a recent funeral

A dear friend of mine lost her dad this past week. I didn't know him but I love my friend and want to support her in this loss. It was a very gospel-centered service. The man was well honored and obviously loved by those who knew him.


God amazingly knits our body and soul together at conception. (I guess that is when He does it.) The two are completely integrated and work together for all the days of our life here in earth. Then we make a transition. Let go of the body and all its fallenness, all the parts that hold us down, distract us, cause despair. It is all gone in that instant, we won't miss it. I wonder if we will even notice it's gone.

And yet we will have a renewed body. (Check out Romans 8:18-24.) The creation waits for our newness to be revealed.

My point here is that we are free from all the weighs us down here. That will be such a true joy!

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