Thursday, November 22, 2007

Grateful beyond the tangible

Before I went to bed last night I made myself a list for getting going on my day today. If I make a list before bed when I am thinking of all the things I didn’t get to in that day I am likely to have a more successful following day. I seem to be unable to think up those things in the morning.

At the top of my list was a ‘list gratitudes to God’. I had decided that would be a good way to wake up this morning; think through what I am grateful for. So when my alarm when off I laid there thinking of things I am grateful for.

Among my list were things like: having a nice family to stay with, my own room here. I’m grateful that my support is going up and it’s snowing outside; it’s so pretty. I thought about the book I’m reading about the life of a Somali lady. She had a very rough upbringing. That made me thankful for my upbringing in a fairly mild (compared to the rest of the world) middle class home.

After getting up and working through some of my other tasks for the day I bundled up and headed to the “Good Neighbor Fellowship of Churches” Thanksgiving service. This is a holiday we share with about four other churches within three blocks of our church. Each of the churches contributes in some way. I can add this service to my list of things I’m thankful for.

This service reminded me in so many ways the one thing I am most thankful for. And it was said in many ways:
· God saved me from his wrath through Jesus Christ
· My sins were paid for by Jesus’ atoning blood
· I have new life in Christ
· God has been more than faithful to me in everyway

I am so thankful that I know Christ and he knows me, that he adopted me as his own. It’s my goal to focus on that today and everyday. May God help me to remember what I am most thankful for as I give thanks.

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Waldemar Family said...

I'm thankful for you!