Monday, March 1, 2010


I have a friend in Minneapolis that blogs about walking around our neighborhood there. I love reading it. Now I have started walking around my neighborhood here. I cannot go after dark for safety reasons. But in a way, I am glad that it’s light, there would be so much I miss if I couldn’t see it.

Today I walked to the nearest mall, the Yaya Center. All I needed were paper coffee filters for tomorrow morning’s coffee. I didn’t change clothes but left my office attire on adding only my running shoes. I thought about how odd I must look here in this culture where ladies seem to always be well dressed, sporting heels even on the foulest weather days. But as I walked I did notice that there were other ladies in suits wearing runners. Maybe I don’t look so odd.

I noticed too that even though it was ‘rush hour’ even for pedestrians, I had a hard time enjoying a ‘sea of faces’ always wanting to watch my step. It rained all night and half the day. It’s muddy everywhere. I kept wishing for my camera in hand. Because I agree with my friend in Minneapolis, everything is weird, nobody’s paying attention.

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Molly said...

Awesome, Jan!!!