Friday, March 26, 2010

A Twirl and a Smirk at the Back Gate

Sometimes this place just makes me smile.

It was a busy day for me here in campus. I have several student interviews; students that I’d scheduled appointments with to check-in and write up their semester reports. A couple more students popped in catching me in between things. I was also trying to track down some ‘missing’ students. A couple that had either been attending classes on the opposite campus we thought or ones that had cleared their classes and weren’t in session this term but would be back for graduation.

I was up and down from my office, running back and forth to a few places on campus. Just about anywhere I go from my office means I walk right by the rear exit gate of the campus. I noticed this afternoon that there was a small crowd of staff and students gathered, chatting.

I heard enough conversation to know that they were commenting on a pretty girl’s matching hair flower and suit as she twirled around to show off. A smirk must have crossed my face because the chaplain that was facing my direction shook his finger and laughed and smiled at me.

I’m not sure why, maybe he didn’t think I knew Swahili and could catch the banter. Or maybe he was just enjoying me enjoying the moment. Either way, there are some days that find myself so grateful for the privilege of living here.

I wonder if you love where you are as much as I love it here.

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Anonymous said...


My name is Bryan Morris. I am a member of Immanuel Church in Nashville, TN ( I found your blog at Bethlehem Baptist's website. Our church wants to be involved in world missions, and I am currently looking for projects that our church can be involved with. I am so confused by the wealth of opportunities. Do you have any insight? Are there projects that need to be done in regards to your ministry that would have tangible short-term results and and that open the door for the Gospel or facilitate the Gospel.

Thanks for your help.

Bryan Morris