Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Walking Into the Wind

The other day I walked from campus to the business area around the corner. The whole walk was only maybe 10 minutes to my destination. Unfortunately it was a windy day and the dust was blowing up in my eyes. That hot day I saw a very typical sight. I mother carrying a baby on her back with the baby bundled in sweater, knit cap and swaddled around baby and mom was a crocheted baby blanket.

I often wonder how babies don’t over heat in the beating-down sun. But this time it occurred to me that perhaps this was a good way to keep that baby clean and perhaps even the dust out of his eyes. And a way to keep the exhaust fumes out of their lungs and face. I don’t know exactly why babies are always bundled up, but it could be because there is so much dirt out there.

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