Friday, March 12, 2010


I wish there were some way to write blog entries while driving. It’s when I get most of my ideas. But driving is challenging enough without trying to figure out some way to jot down ideas or even make a mental note of something.

Because traffic itself is so often on my mind while driving (a good thing), I often think that I could probably write a whole blog on traffic related topics. But as I sit at my desk now, I can’t think of anything that struck me while I was driving earlier today. I also went on a walk and I know I thought of blog topics then, but staring at a blank page didn’t bring them back to memory.

It is the reason I have switched my banner to a traffic photo, though. This photo is taken just a short distance from Daystar’s Valley Road Campus. The scene is very typical of this stretch of road. In fact, it’s typical of most of Ngong Road, most of the time.

The stretch between say, campus and the church I attend is about 6 or 7 kilometers long, and it’s always got a slow train of traffic chugging along it. Which direction is going slowest usually is determined by the time of day, but not always. And don’t be fooled into thinking that the weekends are really any better.

Traffic here is not all that predictable. But Fridays are the worst, usually. Having said that, I’m about to head out into the Friday afternoon rush – going west into the sun. Fun.

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