Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sea of Faces

And styles and body shapes.

One place that I recognize that I am my mother’s child is in my extreme fascination and simple pleasure in looking at people. I don’t get to the city center of Nairobi very often, especially on a weekday. This week I found myself there twice. One of the times, I set out to find an office some distance from where I started and since I wasn’t exactly sure where it was I did a bit of a semi-circle to get to it.

In the process I passed hundreds of beautiful and varied African faces. I passed some Indian, Asian, and European ones too. I wish I could show you the feast of faces; round ones, pointed chins, deep creases, some the color of dark chocolate to others the color of my morning coffee topped up with milk. There were tall and lanky figures, some are short or stooped, others had a “traditional African build,” some dressed in gray business suits, others in bright Punjabi suits.

To the one observing me on the street, they would have observed a mzungu lady (of traditional African build) with a silly smile on her face. Would any guess that I had that smile for the simple reason I was enjoying all their faces?

This is not my first time to post about the beauty of an African face. I wrote about a wonderful 'captured view' in a daladala while in Mororogoro. Can you tell I love being here?

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Jan! It makes me want to come there with my camera and document all this beauty.