Monday, July 21, 2008

What's the plural of Mongoose?

This weekend I saw two of these little critters right out the back door on the patio.

I sure hope mongooses are not the Kenyan equivalent of squirrels. :]


MaryD said...

THey're not quite cute, are they? But do they eat rats like in the Rudyard Kipling story? Worth having around if so!

Waldemar Family said...


Jan said...

Yep. When I told my gardener that I had seen them he told me they eat rats, small birds and their eggs. I decided they are better than squirrels for those reasons alone.

However, I think they also eat avocados. So I will have to beat them to the ones on my tree.

Julie B. said...

Uh - oh an African "squirrel"?
At least it sounds like they would be a better "guest" than the Amercian variety were to you.

You have an avocado tree there? Very cool. I'm jealous. By the way, I'd love to get your awesome guacamole recipe and your white chicken chili recipe too while you're at know...when you have nothing to do...whenever that day comes. ; )

Jan said...

Julie b.
Both recipes are on the small group recipe blog. Check it out:
If the link doesn't work for any reason, contact Johanna Jones.
Blessings, Jan