Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It Must Be Strange Animal Week

If I lived in the Middle East, North Africa or even a high tourist area in Kenya - like at the coast, I might expect to see a these unusual animals. But the past couple of days our weather here had been just like winter in Seattle. (But without central heating.) This highland area is never desert-like so I would never expect to see a desert beast here.

But there I am this morning rolling long the country road amidst the tea and coffee farms through the fog and rain and I come around the bend to see a camel packed down with saddle bags and blankets and two or three guys walking along with it - one with a Masai blanket over his head. I blink and ask myself, "What was that?" Then I round the next curve and see another on the other side of the road with a couple more guys. I giggle to myself, "Only in Kenya, expect the unexpected."