Friday, July 11, 2008

Ramping up on work

I think this week I passed the critical mass point at work. Sure, I have had some work and a list of things to keep me somewhat busy, but suddenly I now have deadlines! Things need to get done. Some of them will require ‘research’ so I can adequately do the end task.

“Jan, we need to market the tree nursery so we can create enough income to continue to pay the staff for the remainder of the year. Here are a few companies we have thought of that might be interested…”

Whoa, I think about that for a minute. I’m given a small list. Now I start clicking through what it would take for me to be able to ‘sell’ our ministry:

Learn the trees available
When are they planted?
How many can we have available for planting seasons?
What schools are waiting for a planting to be funded?
Can we find donors and recipients for water harvesting projects?
Create tangible pieces with this information to leave with the prospects
What catches the eye of such companies – in this culture?
On and on.

Then I am presented with another task and asked how soon can this be done? I start to wonder which is a higher priority. This one will take a little research too. I really am busy. How do I find time to find a car and finish getting my house functional? In time it will all get done.

Francis said to me again today with a slight sarcasm in his voice, “Welcome to Kenya, Jan.”

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