Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Come on in...

I finally have a few photos of my house. I updated the photo blog which you can get to here or by clicking on it in the side menu. My house isn't quite finished in terms of decorating, but it's definitely to the point of having visitors! Karibu.

Also find photos of the Rasmusons visit.

Let me know about your photo sites. It's hard to receive photos by email since I don't have a super fast connection, but it's easy to view other sites.


Waldemar Family said...

Great photos. Your house is so cute. So you. What fun.

Grace Lee said...

Very nice house. You always have such a keen sense of style. I,m glad you're doing so well.

Ellen said...

I love your chocolate colored bedroom. So cozy. Hope you feel more at home with your house done.

KC said...

Jan- Your place looks awesome!!!! What, no IKEA in the neighborhood - just kidding. It looks like all is well with you. And the car is great too. I understand not having wheels when you are on the road. Have a great week