Friday, April 25, 2008

What's on your bicycle?

Here in Morogoro, as in many parts of the non western world bicycles can be used as a main mode of transportation. Below is just a sampling of what you might see on a bicycle here. If I come up with another good list I will post again.

A basket full of coconuts and a few more hanging off the handlebars
My girlfriend
15 flats of eggs (30 eggs to a flat)
25 empty 5-gallon buckets stacked together
My wife
3 cases of full coke bottles
Huge bag of homemade charcoal (5 feet tall, turned sideways)
My family
Huge load of firewood
2 25-lb bags of flour and a 5 gallon bucket full of something
5 6-foot logs (maybe poles for mud house walls)
Basket full of live chickens
A pig
My customer (as in a bike for hire with a driver)
A spare Land Rover tire

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Uganda trip 07 said...

Good to get caught up on your blogging...have been working a bunch lately to make up for lost time...just came back from the Nuture progam retreat,,,was good lots of people (over 40)...skyping with Mark Tanquist...gotta run.bye