Sunday, April 20, 2008

International Cooking Day

It felt like a holiday here but it was just lesson 40 on cooking vocabulary. The school’s coordinator, Chuma decided to make it possible for the students representing at least 4 different continents to share their food with everyone. Most of our teachers stayed for dinner. It was a blast! We all had a great time! I think I had much more fun making the food than I did eating it. I had a team of one of our teachers, God Bless, another young man from the Congo, Blaise, (he’s a student) and me. They were the muscle for mixing!

I made my favorite chocolate cake recipe found on our small group’s recipe blog. We sampled curried cassava and chicken masala from India, potato pancakes from Korea, and these potato balls things and an apple cake from Norway. Julie, the other American made real tacos! She had just gotten a care package with seasoning packets. Our regular cooks made a number of Tanzanian dishes. We were tired and stuffed by the end. Please see the photos at my photo site. We really had a great time. And I am glad not to be cooking over little charcoal cookers all the time.

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