Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's probably normal for East Africa

Finally mid afternoon Lars got his passports from the Morogoro Immigration Officer. But not after being “detained” on purpose because the authorities think he’s purposefully doing something illegal by studying language on the wrong kind of visa. After getting their passports (for a fee) the Stenlands started down the road to Dar es Salaam to get it further straightened out there then realized they needed one more bit of paperwork from the immigration office in Morogoro. Although the current visa expired today the Stenlands should have a 30-day grace period to get everything sorted out.

It all seems so unjust but I think now it was a matter of the immigration authorities showing whose boss in the situation. I am sure our Tanzanian director sees it a bit differently.

Tomorrow they will go back to get the last bit of paperwork then head to Dar. Thursday is a holiday (again) here and so it might be a bit before they get it all worked out. I for one will continue to pray.

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