Sunday, April 13, 2008

Game Park, no parking...

As I write I am downloading photos to my photo site. This was a fun outing. We got up really early to try to get there before or at sunrise, which it when lions come out and eat. But it took us a little while to actually get on the road or our efforts were to no avail.

I think the funniest incident of the day was when we got stuck in the mud and had to all get out of the bus. I wanted to avoid the bus sliding off the road and into me and avoid getting splattered with mud so I walked up the small hill to stand and wait for the bus. I guess that small act of independence cause quite a stir in the park guide and therefore others in the group who were sure I would get eaten by a lion.

Since I know lions aren't woman-eating and I knew the bus would be up there shortly I didn't think it a big deal. And I was the first one back on the bus when it got out the the mud. The photo looking back at the bus was only as far as I went. The animals were more interesting though.


Jan said...

It appears that the photos from the safari split themselves into Friday and Saturday. They are all from the same day. However, maybe there is an internal clock in my camera set to US time rather than African time.

Please no mystery bloggers again, you must identify yourself if you are unknown to me. Thanks.

Grace Lee said...

Dear Jan,
I sure enjoy reading your blog. I'm trying to get mine going again.
I love you,