Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Savor Irony

I have spent a lot of time over the past few days contemplating irony and trying to enjoy the concept - it's utterly out of your control, so what else can you do?

Here's a few examples:

Last Sunday night I convinced some friends that I know love Indian food to go for a late dinner. It took some doing, but I argued, “This gift certificate I have is burning a hole in my pocket.” Why? You might ask. Well, I’ve had it for two years. Although it has no expiration date, it should have been good for only one year. I really just wanted to use it up before I go. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The next evening I was at my last Missions Committee Meeting as I leave soon. What did the committee give me as a going away gift? Another gift certificate to the very same restaurant.

And another: Two weeks ago it finally got to “real” Minnesota weather here. What I mean is that every day the high was a negative number. Something like -14 degrees at midday. We got through a little stretch of serious negative numbers and then it got up to more pleasant winter weather. (I think 20 above with no wind is perfect winter weather.) Anyway, the day after it got back in that range, I was sorting clothes and found my long johns! I thought it was so funny, I really don’t need them and now I’m heading to perpetual summer. (Of course it’s below zero again, and I do have them on today – just this once.)

The real irony, though, is the fact that for a year and a half I have worked toward moving back to Kenya to work with Care of Creation. The political unrest since the elections results (Dec 30th) has not really been a deterrent in my mind. The unrest seemed isolated to certain areas and ethnicities. Those on the ground in Kenya were not worried. Crunch day came, because there was a team going and many wanted me on that team. So last Friday (as you can read) we decided to “go for it”. I booked my ticket on the last possible day to go with the team. Over the weekend I had managed to arrange times for being commissioned, having a good-bye open house, in addition I got a prayer card together, included that information and put it all in the mail Monday morning. But sometime over the weekend the violence in Kenya had moved closer to the area I am planning to go to. On Monday the team cancelled just shy of two weeks out. I was told I should think about postponing my trip. On Tuesday morning I got a call from Kenya telling me not to come at this time.

Savor the irony. Enjoy it. There is really no other way to look at it.

At this point I will delay a week and then go to Tanzania for 3 months of language study.

God willing, of course.

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Grace&Glory said...

The old 90s song "Isn't it Ironic" is jaded and full of a bitterness that is complete absent in your outlook. God's grace is in the ironies of our lives as well as in the plans-made-and-plans-fulfilled times. May He continue to give you His perspective. We're going to miss you!!!