Sunday, January 27, 2008

connected with minneapolis

Local writer, James Lileks has a delightful website full of all kinds of nostalgia from bygone days of this region. He has a ton of historic photos of Minneapolis, a fabulous collection of matchbook covers from the old days of advertising on matchbooks. He grew up in Fargo. What more can I say? He also keeps a blog of goings-on around here. Not to mention the books he's compiles of poor advice, unsavory recipes and bad design. Actually, there is lots more to his site as well. I remember reading his articles in the Minnesota Daily, the U of M newspaper, back in the early 80's. He knows his history and he tells it with a pleasant flair of the pen.

If you have a little time to burn, it's a fun site. I'll put a link on the side for you to be able to get back to him whenever you like. Enjoy.

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