Friday, January 25, 2008

I blame my lack of math interest on Mr Gustafson

I loved math and was good at it until the eighth grade. I blame my decline in the subject and all subsequent difficulty and frustration with it on my male chauvinistic eighth grade math teacher, Mr. Gustafson. He was fairly outspoken, stating his opinion as fact. Girls simply weren’t good at math, thus didn’t merit any encouragement in the subject. In fact, they were the ones to be made an example of for any mistakes or not catching on to a new concept and so forth.

That’s not to say I can’t do math. I just have never really enjoyed it since. But once I put my mind to it, I can juggle the numbers around just like most folks. A small amount of knowledge on how an Excel spread sheet works and it starts to become a little more enjoyable.

Once you start playing with the numbers – and aren’t numbers facts? – you can do different things. Since I am still doing a little juggling while I wait for the final word from the office you’ll have to stay tuned for how they all come out.

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