Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Day at a Time

It’s Sunday evening. I moved almost everything yesterday to the new place. It went really well but the truck I hired had to take two trips. (I have too much stuff!) I had a lot of good help! Thank you, friends! And thanks to God for working it all out. I think this new place will be good, it’s just the slightly longer commute to work that I am not thrilled about. Still, it’s not bad, more space, no loud upstairs neighbors, closer to church…

It was a dry day yesterday and for the first time in ages, it didn’t rain overnight. Today was sunny and I had hoped that we’d have one more night of no rain so I could pull my carpet under cover to finish drying. But alas, it’s pouring again. In fact, it’s just about this time last Sunday night I was looking up from my laptop to see the flood pouring in. Tonight it’s not coming so hard that the drains aren’t keeping up, at least so far. And pretty much everything is up off the floor now. I’ve learned my lesson.

Tomorrow I will try to finish packing it all up (mostly just kitchen stuff remains) and get some help with ‘cleaning’. I will continue to try to sort things out as I stay with a friend over the next two weeks until the person living in the house I moved my things to, leaves for the US on May 31st. I wish I were more organized and prepared for this kind of living. But at least I will be settled by June 1st. There are still a few potential snafus ahead. For example, I may need an actual work permit to legally get electric and water bills coming to me.

One day at a time.

Here are a couple photos of the old place - next morning after that flood and then a week later.

Photos of the new place once I get settled.

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