Thursday, September 10, 2009

English in a land far away

My friend, Abraham often writes about English and how it’s dynamic and therefore we should accept the changes that have been introduced into it. In principle I agree, yet I also like a standard. I don’t speak or even write perfect English. But I try to follow the rules in an effort to be understood. Living in a country that doesn’t have English as a mother tongue makes it a little more challenging to keep the standard.

I really like knowing the local slang, called sheng which is often a mixture of English and Swahili. But I want to be understood when I speak with Americans as well. If you find my English off, please forgive me. I’m trying to be understood in two different continents.

As my friend Rose always used to say, “Don’t blame me, English came here by ship.” An odd enough statement in itself, but her pronunciation of “ship” comes out “sheep”.

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Noel said...

Rose at Brackenhurst? Tell her hello. She gave Talitha her first extensions.