Friday, August 21, 2009

Those Happy Faces at the Top are Afrizo

There has been much going on to ready the Afrizo team for their big tour of the US. It really is an exciting time. I will actually miss them when they go – but I hope to remain friends with them all after they return.

On Tuesday evening, Afrizo leader, Hellen Mtawali and 8 students board a plane to Minneapolis! I think this is the first time out of the country for all the students. It’s Hellen’s second trip to the States. Their main purpose for the trip is to raise awareness for the needs of Daystar University. They hope to raise funds for student scholarships and thank the generous donors that have been faithfully giving – even in these hard economic times.

Please follow their tour of the US; pray, attend a concert. They really are amazing musicians! To listen to a song or two check out the Daystar website. They will not disappoint!


Jac said...

Jan, I want to say thank you for what you do! My sister Debra is with Afrizo, and I just love seeing a photo of her happy face on your site. I've indeed watched the videos on the Daystar site many times and cannot get enough of them! They really are trully talented.

May I use some of your pics for a blog post on my blog please? I hope and pray that their trip to the US is blessed with enough to sponsor a fair number of students. Without this platform many would not make it, and I thank God for providing them with this opportunity.

Jacquie Harakis (Dolla).

Jac said...

Forgot to sub to follow-up emails, just in case you reply and I don't get back soon...