Friday, September 18, 2009

Stepped on a Nail

I have been having a little trouble with my rear left tire. It seems to get low from time to time. It doesn’t go completely flat and it doesn’t happen all that often, just like every few weeks or so, and not even regularly. (I think it’s been longer this stretch.) I’ve located a service station nearby that has a working air pump. This is where I get pressure. (Try to say that with the classic Kenyan difficulty of mixing up r's and l's.)

Recently the guys had it off to see if they could find a hole to fix, I was told, “You probably stepped on a nail.” I smiled at the way I'd been told I’d run over a nail. Often automobiles here seem to have human qualities, with arms up to the shoulder sticking out either side, now my tires step on nails.

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Grace-n-Glory said...

Well I'm glad YOU didn't step on a nail. Sorry your car might have. =)