Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Day in the Life:

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks. Here is what just one of our days this week looked like:

Get up at 5:30 AM
Get to work an hour early at 7:00
Drive to Nairobi with Craig and Francis
8:00 Set up for a small one-day workshop & wait for participants to show up.
10:30 Run and make photo copies for them
11:15 Run the copies back
11:30 Back out and over to Mayfield Guest house to check on some books I left with them
11:45 Head to the Industrial Area to look for the printing company I used to use & drive around for a while before I decide I can’t find them
1:00 PM Stop in town to pick up something I left to be fixed at a tailor, it’s not right still!
1:30 Fight lunch traffic to Westlands to exchange money at the Forex Bureau
2:00 Get there, then grab lunch at Java House
3:00 Get back to workshop, get a call from Henry who fixed my car needing payment. (Good thing I went to the Forex). Make a couple more calls to figure out how to leave it with his sister-in-law
3:30 Dash to see Rose (the sister-in-law) and leave money with her. See her ministry and talk about tree seedlings. She wants a thousand if they are good for the dry area she has a small farm
4:30 Back to the workshop again
5:00 Pack up
5:30 Head back to Limuru.
6:30 Arrive at Brackenhurst (our offices) unload, check email and get going home
8:00 Arrive home and fix something for dinner, turn on the hot water heater
10:00 Tidy up, hit the shower10:45 Crawl into bed to get up again and do something completely different, but just as exhausting.

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Grace Lee said...

Hi Jan,
Glad to see you are keeping busy.