Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Because today is my birthday

Yesterday evening at 5:15 I got a call from the man who cares for the grounds and house at the compound where I live about 10 minutes away.

“Hello Jan? This is Wycliffe. Are you on the way, coming?”
“No, but I’m about to leave.”
“Please hurry. I have misplaced my keys and I can hear some water running inside the house. Please hurry back now.”

I packed up my computer and headed for home. When I arrived the front door was unlocked. I didn’t hear any water running. My first thought was relief. I had been praying for mercy on the way home. I thought, he found the key, he’s taken care of everything. Then I noticed balloons floating about and taped to the wall.

“Hello…hello?” I stepped a few more paces in –

“SURPRISE!” There were Tracy, Julia and Lindsey, friends that live at Brackenhurst. They had decorated, brought pizza, pop, brownies and videos. (Jessica joined us later.)

But before I could celebrate I had to talk to Wycliffe. I made my way over to his house and called “Hodi” (The equivalent of “knock, knock”) When Wycliffe poked his head out of his door he looked sheepish, without even a hint of a smirk. He said to me as he looked down, “I have never teased anyone before in my life. I’m sorry.”

“No, no,” I told him, half smiling. “It’s okay. I had a good surprise.”

“I hope you didn’t knock anyone on the way rushing.”

“No, no,” I assured. The poor man is really worried. “I’m just glad there is no shida (problem) with the water. I’m fine. It’s all fine.”

“I’m sorry.” Wycliffe repeated earnestly. He felt guilty for being a part of the ploy to get me home. It says something about his honesty. I still smirk thinking about it.

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Grace Lee said...

I'm glad your friends surprised you with a party.
I hope you had a great day!