Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Medium Sized Carrier Bag Full of Garbage

About half way through my time in Morogoro I realized that I wasn’t really producing much garbage. So I thought I would challenge myself to see how little I could really make. I still have about a week to go but this is basically it for the three months.

I do have a couple unfair advantages in the fight against waste. One, I haven’t been cooking for myself. If you cook for yourself regularly, I would guess your kitchen garbage fills up the fastest. Another advantage is that I have been using a public/community bathroom, so I guess that means I have produced a little more that is not collected here in the bag from my room. Finally, there is generally less packaging on everything here in East Africa, an easy way to limit waste.

As far as my personal consumer waste – this is it. I feel fairly good about that. I probably won’t do as well living in a whole house, cooking for myself. But at least I have set a benchmark for myself.

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thepipers said...

wow, way to go!

I hope you had a good Mother's Day remembering your mom in a special way.