Saturday, May 10, 2008

Further Ramblings on what is manly – at least in East Africa

Few things inspired the macho awe like the thought of a Maasai warrior. The Maasai man, aged 19-37 can run for miles if needed, lives happily outdoors for days at a time, kills any kind of animal that seems a threat from snake to lion using a handmade bow and arrow, knife and club. But this picture of masculinity also sports a fancy hair style, beaded jewelry and as my Maasai teacher described, “Skirti, kama mimi?” [A skirt like mine] Maasai men wear a one or two-piece lightweight clothe wrap, it’s even tucked up a little at the waist.

So the next time you ask yourself what is okay for your male persona, just consider it’s all culture and there is probably somewhere in the world that it is totally fine to wear that thing. Whatever it is an even if you might think it feminine.

As soon as I get a good photo of this picture of manliness I will post it.

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