Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cold, Tired & Happy

I arrived at Brackenhurst yesterday evening, late. I have made a radical change in temps and I am glad that I won’t be in the heat and humidity of Morogoro. However, I will miss many dear friends I’ve made there, both nationals and expatriates.

Tigoni town, where Brackenhurst is located is about 7200 feet above sea level; therefore the weather is much cooler than what most think of as African. The days get warm and sunny, but the nights and mornings are visible-breath weather.

I’m sure the coming days will be filled with orientation, vehicle purchasing and settling in. I will try to keep you posted on the happenings.


Grace Lee said...

Hi Jan,
You're looking great! I'm looking forward to hearing about your new adventures in this location. Please let me know if you get a faster internet connection.

Waldemar Family said...

Wow - Your hair is so long! Glad you made it.

Christine said...