Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is buying used furniture at an auction being green or being materialistic? Or both?

I spent Wednesday this week checking out what was going on sale this week at the US Embassy/USAID auction. I went back with some new friends on Thursday to direct them to the very hard to find place down by the airport. But most of the items I was interested in were going up for sale on Friday. So, bless her heart, Tracy took me back on Friday. I managed to get a couch, two occasional chairs, a bookshelf, a “gentleman’s cabinet” and a rug. As if living in limbo and moving to another country weren’t stressful enough, try going to an auction!

I did survive, but I can’t help wondering if I would have been better off without any of this stuff. Well, I just put it out there. I really can’t think about it too much more or I will get overwhelmed again.

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Uganda trip 07 said...

Hey Jan!
The weather here has started to warm up (70 today) John prached a good sermon on PS should listen to it. Miss you lots, hope you are aclimating ok...I'm still jealous...sana, sana.