Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warm and Thick

“Pretend you are in a spa,” I used to tell my coworkers the summer I worked in a paper warehouse that wasn’t air-conditioned. We dressed to sweat every day. The difference in Dar es Salaam is there is a wonderful breeze blowing through the flat (house). I’ve just arrived from Nairobi and will only spend a night here before traveling to Morogoro in the morning.

For all the effort to get my new phone capable of connecting me to the world via internet, it isn’t happening. Thus my ability to post from language school may be very limit. I’m sorry. If I make any further progress with it from Morogoro, you’ll be the first to know.

I might have bored you with a thousand esoteric quips. Or not. I never seem to be bored with Lowell’s blog entries, especially the ones about culture. A dozen topics pop to mind on the way to the airport, for example, Kenyan billboards or Jane’s take on the current political situation (finally a Kenyan perspective). Half a dozen more spring up that I wouldn’t want to write about in a public realm, like all the odd things that happen to your body when you travel.

Alas, I just don’t know how much I will be able to actually be able to share with you. I am definitely on an adventure. Portions of my future are unknown. I will have many ‘discoveries’. I will try to write them even if I don’t get to post them. I can always use them later when I’m out of things to say.

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