Monday, February 18, 2008

I love my new ring tone

I have a cell phone that you can call from anywhere in the world. If you call me it’s free for me! Of course it’s the latest Nokia model about the size of a credit card with a camera and fm radio, so I haven’t really figured out how to use it. But feel free* to call. All the instructions were printed in English and Swahili!

From the US you have to dial international access code, then the country code, and finally the area code and phone number. It will be more expensive for you to call a cell phone than a landline, but I may never have a landline here. We’ll see.

To call dial: 011-254-738-42-4026. * Please remember the time difference to here. We are 9 hours ahead of Minnesota in winter, 8 hours in summer. You can always check the time difference on

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Grace&Glory said...

Hi Jan, When Matt was in Malawi he had a cell that was free incoming and so I used Skype to call him. I just checked and Kenya-mobile is around $0.40 per minute. So I don't know if an international calling card would be better or Skype. =) Anyway, hope to talk to you soon!!!