Monday, February 18, 2008

My Town

I had a friend once who used to refer to whatever town I was living in as your town. I was at school then as Seattle was my town. But from back when I lived here before I would have to say Nairobi is my town. Once I described it as a “dirty smelly city I love”. I am certain there are very few people that share my appreciation for Nairobi. Most missionaries don’t like it. It’s just a place to get errands done. Kenyans only live here for work; somewhere else is considered home, somewhere up-country. It is dusty, full of exhaust, crammed with people.

I came from Brackenhurst (which is the edge of the countryside) yesterday afternoon. Tracy brought me down and helped me buy a cell phone (I’ll post the number separately). I’m staying with an old friend, Jane (Jaynie) Kilonzo. She lives in the area I lived in when I was here before. So today I’ll be running around my old haunts doing a little shopping, etc.

I wanted to be able to show you what it looks like here. There are many contrasts in this land. I took a few photos of Craig and Tracy’s house and their extraordinary garden (yard). I took some of Jaynie’s place. I will try to get them up on the Drop Shots website, link at the right here.

I’m sending this from a coffee shop internet cafĂ© in the neighborhood. Something we didn’t have when I lived here before. Some things are always changing. Tomorrow I head off the Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. When I arrive in the airport, I’ll take a taxi to the AIM flat (apartment) and stay the night. From there I will go to Morogoro for language school at ELTC Language School about 3 hours straight west of Dar.

I have no idea what kind of internet availability there is in the town of Morogoro. So I cannot guarantee you’ll hear from me very soon. If you are inclined to pray, I still have a persistent cough, although I am sleeping better now. I will need travel mercies for getting to the school. There will be many unknowns ahead. Those who know me well know I do better with more information and less unknowns. Thanks for carrying me along in your prayers and I will do my best to keep you updated.

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