Thursday, September 6, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

I thought I would start this blog with some reasoning as to why I am moving my life and work half way across the world...

What motivates a person to care for creation? Generally when I talk to folks there are two basic arguments that can be made for why we should care; why recycle, why not use paper plates for every meal, why turn off lights or combine errand trips.

1) What kind of place will the world be for your kids and grandchildren?
2) What does our behavior in this area say about the glory of God?

There are tons or little arguments along the path in either direction. Doing simple things like turning off lights and combining trips can save you money. Some other ecologically friendly tasks might cost more initially but save in the long run, things like changing light bulbs to the florescent energy saving bulbs or starting recycling at work, church or home if there is no system for it now. While in some ways I am motivated by doing better for the next generation, I am more motivated by wanting to bring glory to God in all I do.

Way back in 1986 my pastor wrote an article about “How to Drink Orange Juice to the Glory of God” ( focusing on 1 Corinthians 10:31. It begs the question, “How do we do anything we do to the glory of God?” In my mind the answer includes sorting garbage for recycling, conserving energy to enable us to put our money to use for his kingdom and stewarding nature in a way that continues to speak to the glory of His Name. Not to mention saving lives in the two-thirds world.

The task is overwhelming and it seems like it’s not worth the effort. But it is if God’s glory is a stake. It is worth doing even if the small amount we do seems insignificant. A lot of little parts make an impact for positive change. But one small act for God’s precious name is something that He will always notice. It would be like saying, I shared the gospel with 12 people this year and not one of them became a Christian. It’s not really worth my effort. Does God get the glory for those conversations? Even if no one became a Christian?

You’ll tell me it’s not the same as sharing the gospel. But in a very real sense it is! Our obedience is important. It reflects God’s glory in a way that speaks volumes to people that would otherwise not listen. And no act of obedience to God goes unnoticed by Him.

That is why I am going to Kenya to help the people of Kenya understand how to live their lives to the glory of God in everyway, in everyday chores, in all aspects of their life.


Waldemar Family said...

Yea! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your heart and and thoughts and life with us.

Waldemar Family said...

Oops, one too many "ands" in there.