Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Freed or Impeded

I’m looking at my calendar for the week or even the coming weeks and I have very little on it. It’s great to have discretionary time that I can use as I please. And don’t get me wrong; I have a million things to get done. I have tons of projects I would like to get done things around the house (that I’m not in) and things for others. I need to get some medical things taken care of before I go; shots, etc. There’s also packing and support raising and so on. But now I have no set schedule for getting to them, I have to make the schedule. It’s an odd feeling of being able to really feel free from everything and at the same time it seems harder to actually get anything done. I might say I am more productive when having to fit things around a work schedule for example. It’s just one more way of feeling like I’m floating.

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